Hero Section

Located between
Philadelphia and New York City,
Infinity Flight Group has built
its reputation on unwavering
customer service. Infinity Flight
boasts the largest and newest
fleet of training aircraft in the
northeastern United States.
With a cornerstone of excellence
and a focus on safety, Infinity
Flight Group is recognized
as a world class operation
that places an emphasis on
establishing and maintaining
the highest level of quality
and integrity in the delivery
of their flight training.

Application/acceptance to AA Cadet Academy and AA Federal Credit Union (up to $120,000)

12 months of flight training earning Private,
Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII

Flight instruct 8-12 months (paid)

Attain 1500 hours total time/21 years old required for
regional airline hiring

Interview with wholly owned subsidiaries of American
Airlines (Piedmont, Envoy, PSA)

Enjoy sign-on bonus, 6-figure starting salary,
generous benefits package, and other perks

Flow to American Airlines without additional interviews


APPLY online at AACadetAcademy.com
InfinityFlight.com 609-883-0555