Infinity Flight is pleased to be able to provide a Rotary Transition Program (RTP) in partnership with Mercer County Community College. The RTP is designed to seamlessly convert commercially rated helicopter pilots who already have a solid foundation in aviation to fixed wing aircraft. This program allows RTP students to obtain a career with the world's largest civilian airlines in the fastest time possible.

Pilots enrolled in this personalized fast track program can choose to use their VA benefits, or utilize a variety of different funding options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP Program?

The Rotary Transition Program (RTP) is a customized training experience that provides commercially rated helicopter pilots the opportunity to transition into civilian commercial aviation with little or NO flight training cost. Infinity and our partners will educate, train and assist you in finding what funding solutions are available to you.

Who is eligible for this program?

Any commercially rated rotary pilot with over 500 hours of logged military or civilian rotorcraft time that qualifies for a restricted ATP certificate is eligible. Not sure if you qualify? We'll take a look at your individual situation and create a plan for you with no obligation.

How long will this program take to complete?

It is important to note that you should treat this like a full-time job and plan to fly on a daily basis, including weekends and most holidays. There are three flight phases that take around 140 days to complete once you arrive at Infinity.

There is an online phase that must be completed in the seven weeks prior to arriving at Infinity. Please understand that transitioning from phase to phase is not based on classes completed or time flown. Each phase has a start and finish date that must be strictly followed.

Can I begin some training before leaving the military or train part time?

Since the VA mandates the framework in which this course is designed, there is not a way to train part time or out of the framework if you choose to use your VA benefits. Each of the four phases must be completed in their own seven-week timetable. You must complete the two online courses in the seven-weeks prior to your flight start date.

What type of flying will I be doing?

Ground lessons and dual flight time are done individually, one-on-one, with an instructor, not in a classroom style setting. Your flying will be done in newer model Cessna 172S and new Piper Seminole aircraft equipped with the latest technology.

What hours and ratings will I leave with?

You will earn your Private Pilot's License, Instrument, Commercial and Multi-engine ratings along with 250 hours of flight time.

Where does classroom instruction and flight training take place?

Infinity Flight Group at the Trenton-Mercer Airport, Trenton, NJ

When do classes start?

Classes are on a rolling schedule. You can contact Dan Tesfaye 609-635-6655 at Infinity Flight to get more information on the program, dates for the upcoming classes and class availability.

No catch. Our team will look at your background and transcripts if applicable. You will know before you start how much of the program will be covered financially. If you don't like what you hear, simply walk away. To get started, call 609-883-0555.

VA Benefits

If you plan on using your VA benefits to cover the costs of this program please make sure you complete the following:

Apply for your VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
☐You can easily do this online at here.
Print (or record) the confirmation number. This is valid for one semester. You should receive your COE (via the US Postal Service) within two weeks of applying. Once you receive your confirmation number, please provide the MCCC Veterans Service Office with a copy.