Infinity Flight is pleased to be able to provide a Rotary Transition Program (RTP) in partnership with Mercer County Community College. The RTP is designed to seamlessly convert helicopter pilots who already have a solid foundation in aviation to fixed wing aircraft. This program allows RTP students to obtain a career with the world's largest civilian airlines in the fastest time possible.

Pilots enrolled in this personalized fast track program can choose to use their VA benefits, or utilize a variety of different funding options.

We understand that every pilot will come to us with different requirements. We are here to help you create a program that will meet your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP Program?

The Rotary Transition Program (RTP) is a customized training experience that provides helicopter pilots the opportunity to transition into commercial aviation with little or NO COST. Infinity and our partners will educate, train and assist you in finding what funding solutions are available to you.

Who is eligible for this program?

Anyone with over 550 hours of logged military rotorcraft time that qualifies for a restricted ATP certificate is eligible for the RTP program. Not sure if you qualify? We'll take a look at your situation and create a plan for you with no obligation.

How long will this program take to complete?

We will provide you an individualized training quote based on how many hours you need to complete. It is important to note that you should treat this like a full time job and plan to fly on a daily basis. If you need to complete all four phases (described later) flight training should take about 140 days once you arrive at Infinity. There is an online course that must be completed in the seven weeks prior to arriving at Infinity. Please understand that transitioning from phase to phase is not based on classes completed or time flown. Each phase has a start date and finish date that must be strictly followed.

Can I begin some training before leaving the military or train part time?

Since the VA mandates the framework in which this ATP course is designed, there is not a way to train part time, or out of the framework if you will be using VA benefits. Each of the four phases must be completed within their own seven-week time table. You must complete the two online courses in the seven-week time frame prior to your arrival.

What type of flying will I be doing?

Ground lessons and dual flight time are done individually, one-on-one, with an instructor, not in a classroom style setting.

Most of your flying will be done in newer model Cessna 172 round dial and G-1000 glass cockpit aircraft. Depending on your experience you will be starting in one of three defined phases:

Phase I ONLINE, SEVEN WEEKS PRIOR TO ARRIVING AVI 101 &102, Phase II-Instrument and Commercial (transition from rotary to fixed wing), Phase III Multi-Engine/Commercial/time building, Phase IV- Single Engine Cross Country (time-building) & ME completion

What will it cost me?

Every situation is different, but most students will have little or no out of pocket costs related to training. Airlines may offer money to cover part of your training costs, and you may also elect to use your VA benefits. Housing may be covered through BAH (contact our VA partner listed later in this packet), and discount housing is available.

I'd like to use my VA benefits. How do I know if I have enough to cover the cost?

For general questions and to get started you can contact the VA Education and Training Center at
You can apply for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) at: https://www.ebenefits.va.gov

Where does classroom instruction and flight training take place?

Infinity Flight Group at the Trenton-Mercer Airport, Trenton, NJ

When do classes start?

Classes are on a rolling schedule. You can contact Hillary Banas 609-883-0555 at Infinity Flight to find out dates and class availability.

No catch. Our team will look at your background and certifications, identify any gaps and work with you to create a program that matches your needs. You will know before you start how much of the program will be covered financially. If you don't like what you hear, simply walk away.

VA Benefits

If you plan on using your VA benefits to cover the costs of this program please make sure you complete the following:

Apply for your VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
☐You can easily do this online at https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/
Print (or record) the confirmation number. This is valid for one semester. You should receive your COE (via the US Postal Service) within two weeks of applying. Once you receive your confirmation number, please provide the MCCC Veterans Service Office with a copy.

Apply to the College
☐You can do this from the homepage of the College website: www.mccc.edu
Click on Underneath, you will then see
The degree you are pursuing is Aviation Flight Technology
Within a week or so you should receive an acceptance letter from MCCC with your student ID number.

Register for College classes
☐Once you have received your acceptance letter from the college with your student ID, you receive your quote from Infinity, interview and receive your class date from Piedmont (only if you are choosing to go to Piedmont) and have received all your VA benefit information, then reach out to Hillary Banas at Infinity Flight who will help you register for your classes.

Important Contact Numbers

Infinity Flight
Infinity Flight Group Main Number: 609-883-0555

Josh Lee, Military Advisor, Infinity Flight Group, 609-775-7400. Josh will be doing initial quotes based on your current flight time. He is your first line of contact when deciding if this program is for you.

Hillary Banas, VP Business Operations, Infinity Flight Group - 609-883-0555
Hillary will help you navigate the college app/registration process, housing, and be your point of contact once you have a quote, and there after during your stay.

Mercer County Community College (MCCC) VA office contact:
John Becker - Director of Veterans Services 609-570-3240 beckerj@mccc.edu