Accelerated Professional Pilot Program

Accelerated Professional Pilot Program

Infinity Flight is pleased to offer an affordable accelerated professional pilot program that will take you from zero flight hours through CFII.
If you are looking to advance your career rapidly, and you have the time to treat learning like a full time job, this program may be for you.

With the largest fleet of newer model Cessna 172 (S model and G-1000 glass cockpit model) aircraft in the Northeast, and a large instructor pool that allows flexible scheduling, Infinity Flight has the experience and resources to get you to the airlines in the shortest time possible.

Advantages of Infinity's Accelerated Program:

•Guaranteed CFI job interview with Infinity Flight
•As an Infinity CFI you are guaranteed an interview with our airline partners (we boast a 100% pass rate on our airline job interviews!)
•As a CFI you get paid to build time. If you have a conditional job offer with one of our airline partners, in most cases they offer bonuses for your flight hours as well.
•Infinity Flight has placed over 300 pilots with the world's largest airlines in the last 3 years.

Prerequisites for Enrollment:

•Must be at least 18 years old
•US Citizens- Current US Passport or Birth Certificate and State issued ID
•Non US Citizens -TSA Approval for Flight Training
•1st Class Medical Certificate


Infinity Flight's goal is to create a cost effective accelerated training option. While other fast track programs give you a price that you need to live with while adhering to specific program requirements, our team can design an accelerated flight training program with a customized quote that meets your individual needs. Call us today at 609-883-0555 to speak to our Chief Pilot.