Finance Your Flight Training Through Sallie Mae

No need to put your career dreams on hold with a Flight Training loan from Sallie Mae

To qualify for a flight school loan with Sallie Mae you must:

-be a US Citizen.

-be enrolled full-time in the Infinity Flight FAST TRACK accelerated commercial airline
career program.

A Sallie Mae loan cannot be used to pay for an individual rating.

The following are some of the questions you will be asked in your application:

  1. Who are you?  Select STUDENT  (You may select a cosigner at the end of the application)
  2. Which of these describes what the loan is for?  Select CAREER TRAINING SCHOOL
  3. You may need to select the State.  Select NJ and then search for Infinity Flight Group
  4. You will then enter your basic information
  5. School Information section: Select Certificate, Airline(Career), Full-time and Certificate /Continuing Ed
  6. Borrowing info. Dates can be modified so please select dates that you intend to start and complete your training.