Learning to Fly – Non-Commercial flying

Whether flying has always been a bucket list dream, you are a high school student looking to add a special skill to your college resume, or you are a businessperson hoping to buy an airplane of your own, Infinity Flight can help you learn to fly. 

You will start by earning a Private Pilot’s License (PPL). This will allow you to command any aircraft (subject to appropriate ratings) for non-commercial purposes and give you almost unlimited authority to fly under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Private pilots may carry passengers like family and friends (though not for compensation) and may also operate charity flights.

Learning to fly is not difficult, but it does require study and frequent practice. Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61 lists what you must learn and requires a minimum of 40 hours of training (20 with an instructor and 20 solo) to earn a private pilot certificate. It is important to note that few people complete their training in the minimum time. The national average is 60 to 80 hours. Students at Infinity Flight have been consistently achieving their certificates in less than 55 hours. We attribute this record to our high-quality aircraft, excellent instruction program, and our seasoned instructors.

After you earn your PPL you may choose to go onto become an instrument rated pilot so you will be able to fly in lower cloud ceilings and decreased visibility.  

Flying can be a lifelong pursuit with many ratings and add-on options and opportunities.  Let us get you started today with a $199 introductory flight.  To purchase an Intro Flight please call 609-883-0555.

If you would like more information about flying for fun, please reach out to Dan Tesfaye at Dan@flyinfinity.com