Welcome to Infinity Flight

Infinity Flight Group is an experienced aviation services business located at the Trenton Mercer Airport, easily accessible from Central New Jersey, Northeast Philadelphia, PA and Bucks County.

Our clients range from high school and college students pursuing careers in aviation to area professionals seeking to fly for pleasure or business travel.

Flight Training

Infinity Flight has the distinction of having been selected as a certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC). The CPC designation represents top-quality, professional flight training. As a CPC we have state-of-the-art training facilities, new aircraft that meet strict maintenance requirements, and we also incorporate the Cessna Flight Training System, an interactive, comprehensive, and proven flight-training program.

Cessna Pilot Centers are associated with The Cessna Aircraft Company, and Cessna ensures that their Pilot Centers maintain the high standards that have helped Cessna remain successful for over 75 years. As a CPC, Infinity Flight Group can guide you throughout your aviation journey, from your first flight through buying your first airplane.

Under a partnership agreement with Mercer County College, we also operate as a Part 141 Professional Pilot Program.

Aviation Services

We serve all of your aviation needs, from flight training, and aircraft rental, to airplane management and charter services.

Speak with us if you're looking to purchase an aircraft, conduct a pre-buy inspection, or have your airplane managed and maintained.

Airline Cadet Program & Propel your Career

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