Enlisted to Airline E2A Program

ZERO flight hours? No problem using your VA benefits


Infinity Flight sincerely appreciates the challenges of our transitioning military veterans. Let us help you make the jump into a new career. Since pilot demand is unprecedented it is a perfect time to start your aviation career, even if you’ve never flown a plane before! Infinity Flight is pleased to be able to provide an E2A (Enlisted to Airline) Program in partnership with Mercer County Community College. This program is a unique opportunity for service members who will be transitioning to civilian life to earn all of their FAA pilot licenses and ratings without any out-of-pocket flight costs if they use their VA benefits – YES, even the Private Pilot is covered. Spouses and dependents may also be eligible.

If you would like more information or would like to visit the Infinity Flight facilities to discuss your next steps, please contact us.